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How to Choose the Best BAQ Henna Powder

Not all hennas are created equal. The perfect quality ones form the fine mixture that ends up in the prestigious beauty haul of dedicated body artists. This article explains all the aspects of Body art quality henna that has been a craze since long and perfectly deserves to be so.
Henna is the finely sifted purest form of henna made from only the top leaves of the henna plant that has the highest natural dye content. BAQ is an acronym for "Body Art Quality".

BAQ henna has some exclusive features like:
1.The highest natural dye content.
2. Extreme finely cleaned, grounded and sifted.
3. Purest form of henna that is natural henna consists of only dried and powdered leaves of henna (biological name: lawsonia inermis) plant.
4. The best 10% of all the henna is Body Art Quality.

While there are many Black Henna Tattoo Manufacturers in India, NMP Udhyog stands out for its high quality BAQ henna with very high dye content.


BAQ Henna your True Friend!!


BAQ Henna exists because there is huge demand for henna that has higher pure natural dye content sifted finely solely for the purpose of Body Art. Artists need such henna so that fine patterns with deep long lasting stains can be made. BAQ henna is not only perfect for henna artistry but it is the best for your lovely tresses too.

You find here the much popular Black Henna for Body Art Suppliers in India that is 100% pure, finely sifted and Chemical free hair dye. The red orange dye known as “Lawsone” occurs naturally in henna within the normal ranges of 0.3 to 3 percent. However at the time of harvest this percentage can be much higher. Remember henna powder costs a little more as it is labor intensive. The finest quality leaves with high Lawsone content are first sorted and then cleaned to remove all the dirt, twigs and berries attached. These fine cleaned leaves are then sent for grounding and milling. After this they are sifted thoroughly several times. The result is high quality henna with very high dye content.

Good high quality BAQ henna, like the one manufactured by NMP Udhyog- the best Henna Powder Suppliers in India, is free of all adulterants (metallic salts, chemical dye or pesticides). Since it is finely sifted such BAQ henna is very easy to apply on body as well as hair. Forget all those hassles of mixing thoroughly and then spending hours trying to wash it out of hair.


With Henna you even have the option to dye your hair PERMANENTLY. How cool is that! When you mix BAQ henna with a mildly acidic liquid you are actually preserving the Lawsone molecules that in turn bind with the Keratin part of your hair. And the result is henna dyed hair that never fades. In fact with time the color oxidizes and gets darker. In case you are not a fan of permanent color then simply mix henna powder with boiling water. To Buy Online Black Henna for Body Art with NMP Udhyog

We do hope that this guide has been helpful to you; please let us know if you have any concerns or further questions by contacting us directly as Our secure online henna shop has all the supplies you need! NMP Udhyog also provides the Herbal Hair Dye suppliers in IndiaOrganic Hair Dye Suppliers in IndiaRed Chili Powder Suppliers in India & Hair Color Manufacturers in India etc.

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