Published on 02/22/2018 7:25 am
Why You Need Chemical Free Natural Hair Dyes

Who doesn't want shiny tresses flowing with health and turning a few heads when you walk down a busy lane? Women have been possessive of their hair since time immemorial. Whether it's mystic Cleopatra bathing her hair in milk and rose or the modern era beauty symbol like Rihanna or Beyonce- all have a common feature: lovely hair worthy of arousing envy in women worldwide. But is the maintenance of healthy hair easy?? The answer is both yes and no!
Achieving and maintaining healthy hair takes some research, planning and developing a lifestyle that you should stick to. It maybe a tedious task at the start but easier when you have gained momentum. Moreover, when you see results in form of lovely locks the sheer joy makes it all the more exciting to continue the love and care you are giving to your tresses. Today's article focuses on one of the most important aspects of a healthy hair lifestyle. Go all natural!

Apart from eating a healthy diet and glowing from within, what you apply to your hair also matters a lot. Hair dyes are a craze to avoid the grays as well as experiment with looks. It is quite impossible to avoid hair dyes in the present times. Hair Color Manufacturers in India But instead of harsh chemicals you can go for natural ones that care your hair the way you do. Not convinced?? Below is a lay down on why you need natural dyes instead of chemical ones:

1. Covers gray hair without any side effect
Chemical dyes have harmful chemicals like Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, and PPD etc. that rupture the hair shaft in long run. Continue usage of chemical dyes results in lifeless hair prone to split ends and hair fall. The organic dyes instead contain herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, hibiscus, neem etc. together with natural coloring agents such as henna that not only covers your grays but also gives nourishment to the hair.
So search for some good Chemical Free Hair Dye suppliers in India and place you order.

2. Cure existing hair worries
Increased pollution, exposure to harmful UV sunrays, unhealthy lifestyle, constant usage of hair styling products and lack of time to care for hair results in problems like lifeless limp hair with no shine, dandruff, hair fall, split ends, dryness, oily scalp rough strands etc. Using chemical dyes on such hair does more damage and adds to the hair woes. Natural hair dyes with high percentage of organic herbs as constituents helps addressing majority of the above issues. For instance, hibiscus softens hair and provides nourishment to dry hair while neem fights off dandruff. Amla is a natural vitamin C antioxidant supplier that prevents hair fall and Bhringraj makes hair shaft stronger while preventing split ends. Thus, using natural organic hair dye not only saves your hair from damage but also improves their quality.
There are many organic hair dye manufacturer in India that provide unadulterated high quality natural hair dye.

3. Skin friendly
Chemical dyes have strong chemicals in them that are capable of causing skin allergies. You have to be very alert and skillful while applying chemical dye to hair otherwise you might end up having long term skin staining or skin allergy or worse BOTH! Organic natural hair dyes are free of such hassles. They aren't harmful to skin. The only problem you might face is henna stained skin for a day or two.

In case there is any doubt left we recommend you to try NMP Udhyog's chemical free organic hair dye and see the results yourself. NMP Udhyog is a leading name among henna powder suppliers in India and is known for its high quality organic hair dye for its Private Labeling Hair Dye Suppliers in India


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